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We have the services and equipment to help improve your technology, improve performance, and reduce your organization’s downtime, with a tailored archive, backup, and recovery solution to increase flexibility, scalability, and ease administration and maintenance.



Flashing and Software Restore/Updates ALL

Flashing is the process of updating the firmware of the equipment. The firmware is the “operating system” that controls the phone. Flashing consists 99% of the time of updating the equipment to a newer version. It is practically used to gain new functions, improve stability or eliminate errors.Old restore points are removed to prevent the hard drive from filling up. System Restore backs up system files with certain extensions (.dll, .exe, etc.), and saves them for later restoration and use.



Have you forgotten your icloud or google account? don’t worry, we will help you! We reset your device from the factory so that you can use it even if the mobile had a lock pattern.



Wanting to unlock a phone is very common. We will help you in the process so that your smartphone can use any chip or SIM card, that is, from any company and in any region of the world.


This in most cases happens when an update is made to the phone, for example:

  • Corrupt system cache due to recent update

  • Corrupt data files caused by the update

  • Some apps gone rogue due to incompatibility issue with the new operating system.


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