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We know that accidents happen.

When we need to change the broken screen of the mobile, not everyone is clear about the difference between LCD (display) and glass (touch screen).


Examples of broken LCD / broken glass We leave you some photos to know if the LCD, the glass or both are broken.

When the LCD is broken, there may be no image on the phone, or the image may be distorted. On some occasions, if we look closely, we can see a “hair” of interior breakage on the LCD:​

When the glass is broken, the image appears correctly, but the front is cracked:

It is also possible that the LCD and glass are broken at the same time. In this case, the mobile screen does not show an image, and we also clearly see that the glass is broken.

Which is better, change only LCD, only glass or both at the same time? The answer is simple: If the manufacturer manufactures the components separately, there is no problem in changing them separately. If the manufacturer makes them together, we at Smart Phone Repair Ottawa recommend (and always change) both components at the same time.


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