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The life of a rechargeable battery under normal operating conditions is 500 to 800 charge-discharge cycles. Once the useful life of your battery has been consumed, it will decrease the charge time gradually and will last less than 1 hour of normal use, yes, less than 1 hour… no time for our activities. But don’t worry, our team will take care of giving you the best solution.



Trying to make a video call and the camera just doesn’t work? This usually happens when the cable is broken or not connected well, or a pin is bent.

It is where the power cable is connected, and that can be damaged by a voltage rise that is not properly protected to the circuit, it can also be damaged because water entered it, or the pin got stuck.



Data Retrieval & Backup Restore

It is when the hard disk is bad, and the backup is all the information that you want to save.

This is when the factory software is restored, and the updates are to the drivers, operating system or third-party software.

In touchscreen devices, the digitizer is a layer of glass that’s designed to convert analog touch comments into digital signals. Both capacitive and resistive touchscreen devices have a digitizer. It’s essentially a glass layer that’s placed over the device’s liquid-crystal display (LCD) layer.


Headphone Jack and/or Flex Cable Repair / Replacement

This is the 3.5 millimeter jack where the headphones are connected, this can be damaged because some of the pins got stuck, or got dirty, or the flex was badly installed and broke.

The type of service will be determined after examining the keyboard and may involve replacing one or more keys or the entire keyboard.

This the screen panel, is what the light and image do, it can be damaged by blow or some circuit. We have the best quality and we assure you of a successful job.



Loud Speaker Replacement

This can be damaged by a short circuit in the speakers, or it can be for the lifetime of the speaker that is damaged.

It can be ruined in the same way as the headphone jack, due to dirt, water, etc.

When temperatures inside the computer rise above 35º C (95º F), the risk of damage to important internal components from overheating increases and If a fan is making a loud growling noise or not moving, there is an issue with the fan.



Power Button and/or Flex Cable Repair / Replacement

This is damaged when the device was disassembled and it was not connected well and the device was short or overloaded, it could fry the cable, or it could be the current flow between the botton and the motherboard.

this is basically a capacity update, and in the case of the hard disk and the ram it can be a speed increase if the motherboard allows it.

This can happen for different reasons, for the ram memory that no longer works, it could be for a hard disk that is bad and in this case it is the hard disk that the boot operating system has, it could also be that the operating system is damaged



VGA Graphic Cards Issue (Macbooks Specially)

In this case it can be ruined by device temperature problems or it does not have thermal paste or it overheats and when it overheats, it sets a brake so that the graphics chip does not overheat.

Viruses are computer programs that aim to alter the operation of the computer, without the user being aware of it. These, in general, infect other system files with the intention of modifying them to intentionally destroy files or data stored on your computer. Do not let this virus ruin your computer and take it urgently with us, we will make sure that it returns to normal!

This occurs when the device was disassembled and they did not put it in the right place and the device was shortened or had an overload, water could enter through that button or the current flow between the button and the motherboard was cut.


Water/Liquid Damage Repair

The biggest problem that a computer presents when it suffers some type of damage due to liquid spills are unexpected program closings, freezes, it automatically restarts or shuts itself off, strange noises and vibrations, among others.

This happens when the antennas have already given their useful life, or when the device was disassembled and the device was not placed properly and broke.

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